How to change the organisation using the "Innovation Adoption Curve" ?

Many times we have had the problem to change the Organization. This solution occurs when we are dissatisfied with what is happening to us in the environment in which we work.

Alternatives would be to leave or "swallow". But let's not talk about alternatives and go back to "Change".
Changing the organization is a topic of "Change Management" and I will present how to adopt a new idea in an organization st arting from the "Innovation Adoption Curve":

AdoptionCurve.png, Dec 2021

• Initiators
The first to enter the organization to introduce innovation to the organization are those who initiated it. They have the idea, I believe in it, they use it and they want to implement it.

• Innovators
Allies are being sought !!! To implement the idea you need allies in the organization. The first to come near you are the ones who heard / saw what you want to do and it was "Love at First Sight". Who these people are, you don't have to look for or convince. For example, there are those who, at the time of the official launch of the first iPhone, waited in line for hours to buy it.

• Early adopters
We are still looking for allies…. Next on the list are those who adopt the idea in the initial stages. They should be looked for among those who can influence the organization: "informal / formal leaders", visible people with many contacts in the organization: secretaries, project managers… There is a study that shows that if leaders do not adopt the idea, 85% of the organization will adopt.

• Early majority
They don't like your idea, but they don't like it either. They have other passions that don't resonate with your idea. Here you have to use the snowball effect: "Snow effect". Use others to get involved. And he does, there are more of us who do….

• Late majority
They are skeptics. They won't be ready. However, they are useful through the feedback I give you to improve innovation. Don't fight them!

• Laggards
If the idea / innovation is implemented do not say "Done"! Monitor until the idea is part of the culture of the Organization, because otherwise some will leave and slowly the initiatives will be extinguished.

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