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How to shape an IT organization to achieve the business goals?

I think the question above is very good because … I wrote it 🙂  I’m joking.

I’ll continue to say „How should your organization / team / unit look in order to perform what the customer desires?” and more than this to have in the end a successfully project / product on the market ? Starting with this question in our mind we can see exactly which roles are necessary in a (project) team to fulfill the tasks.

Sometimes, big companies are somehow stuck from internal structure perspective and they’re not enough Agile to look around and to find out the solutions for succeeding.

Start-ups projects are more dynamic and they could compensate the money, company power, internal (old) procedure via a controlled „chaos’ and this is their way to success. For sure, here we’ll find such keen people who will work hardly to finish the projects, but this is another aspect for discussions.

One big mistake is to keep an internal team organization till the project is „dying”, instead of thinking about solutions to put the project back on track.

In the end, I recommend to everybody a nice tool, from Agile Management 3.0 , which could be played in order to shape your organization.